This ID School helped these players overcome the cost of a pro Euro trip to train Olympiacos FC Academy

Following their invitation from Olympiacos, the boys commenced training with the current Olympiacos FC academy players.

After being with our football philanthropy for 6 years, we were able to help the families overcome the expense of going on a pro Euro trip and to get assessed by a pro Euro club.

After starting with us at our Helping Kids Football Centre, a place of refuge for them while their families were priced out of club sports. This centre allowed them to return to a healthy environment in a centre that was still affordable.

As they completed this centre, they proceeded to the Football Improvement Centre, a place where the parents could afford to give their children the extra training required.

As they continued to learn football skills, their desires to achieve professional football increased. Like many parents, a pro pathway for their children is unaffordable and unattainable. Our Olympiacos Melbourne ID Schools – junior pro pathway is our football philanthropy that was able to solve this, by making it affordable for struggling families to also be able to give their kids an opportunity at a pro Euro career.

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